The Guide to Practical and Pragmatic IT Architecture Design

About this Site and Author

About this site

This is a site about how to analyze, design build, test and deploy IT architecture for simple as well as complex solutions. An IT architecture, system architecture or Technology architecture are all terminologies that relate to the underlying architecture of an application, IT solution or platform. 

It is intended for companies that start with designing technology architectures in more structured and consistent manner and meant for all sizes of companies. It guides readers in what, why and how to design a proper IT architecture. Additionally, it provides processes and templates to help and assist drawing up blueprints.

This is not an academic effort or a theoretical approach to designing architectures, but focused on practicality, real project implementations, daily discussions and company interactions with pragmatism. It is a methodology, model and approach. I have implemented this model and parts of it in my day to day work and accumulated my knowledge and experience to this book.It is the result of my 25 years of consulting experience with over 100+ companies in 35 countries. You can find several real experiences and information from projects where I lead and implemented the architecture design. 
It is free and open to use this, but as a courtesy, please do refer the source as this website or “Widjaja Framework". 

About Michael Widjaja

I was responsible for Accenture Technology Architecture Consulting Practice within Europe and after moving to Argentina in 2010, I lead the Architecture practice for Latin America. My experience is in analyzing, designing, building and maintaining complex IT architectures, as well as designing and implementing enterprise architecture and governance models. 
After 25 years of consultancy, I retired from mainstream consulting and I enjoy my family life nowadays. I co-founded InAdvance Consulting Group and as its Managing Director,  I am sitting in number of IT advisory committees and steering groups to help large companies with IT guidance. In my remaining time, I write about my interests and passions, am angel investor and act as advisory board member to number of start-ups. You can contact me through my email or LinkedIn profile for any queries, help or support.

Michael Widjaja


Mohamed said...

Dear Mr.Widjaja

I really want to just say THANK YOU for this website and the comprhensive information it has on IT Architercture. I've been looking for years for something similar. I wish I have found it earlier. It's really a big help and you explain things in a very easy manner. I really thank you it's very helpful

Michael said...

Thank you Mohamed! That is great to hear,
best Michael